Location: Serenade Carpark (Tai Hang Rd., H.K.)

Our Client: Jones Lang LaSalle Management Limited

Job Item: Design and supply new LED fitting and special bracket in the carpark

Date: September 2020



T8 X 2 waterproof fitting


Client requested a new solution to change all lighting into LED and used existing hanging poles and electrical cable without damage the concrete ceiling.


1) Used existing hanging poles and electrical cable.

2) Damage to construction must forbidden.

3) Energy saving

4) Green environment.


 “” design a new bracket which is fit for existing mounting pole use. A new single T5 LED tube fitting as replacement. Over 75% energy saving with zero carbon emissions. 

1) Internal driver LED tube for easier operation.

2) No mercury, fully green in environment.

3) Special PLUG and PLAY LED tube available No rewiring is need.


Energy saving 

Energy electricity saving up to 75%.

Product Durable and not easy to break, keep safety

  • Match to existing screw holes.
  • Reduce the damage and increase life expectancy.

User Friendly and Low maintenance

  • LED tube designed internal driver and that design is more convenient for replacement
  • Our LED tube is easy to install, user friendly, low maintenance
  • Special request as retrofit (plug and play) is available, no rewiring is need