Location: Bamboo Grove (Kennedy Road 78, H.K.)

Our Client: Hysan Property Management Limited

Job Item: Supply the T5 LED tube as retrofit (plug and play) 

Date: Nov 2020



T5 Fluorescent tube 0.6m 14W


 Client requested an energy saving solution for the parking lot. We, “” recommended our Retrofit LED tube as replacement to existing fittings.  A special design of PLUG AND PLAY, no rewiring is needed to save all installation expenses.


  1. Existing fitting can be in used.
  2. Longer in life
  3. Energy saving
  4. No mercury, a new solution to meet zero carbon emissions


  • “” recommend client change our retrofit T5 LED tube. We retrofit the LED tube under client’s existing ballast. 
  • “” use T5 LED tube 9W instead of existing the T5 14W Fluorescent tube.


Energy saving 

  • Energy electricity saving up to 40%.
  • LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology. 

User Friendly and Low maintenance

  • LED tube designed internal driver and that design is more convenient for replacement
  • Our LED tube is easy to install, user friendly, low maintenance
  • Special request as retrofit (plug and play) is available, no rewiring is need