Integrated Faucet & Hand Dryer – 感應混合龍頭+自動乾手機

Integrated Faucet & Hand Dryer 感應混合龍頭+自動乾手機

遙控調節技術 (距離、時間、功能切換)。

Product Features:

•Elegant chrome plated brass integrated sensor faucet and hand dryer.

•Washing and drying your hands all in basin, keep clean.

•Greatly saves installation space for small washing room area.

•Power-saving and simplest environmentally friendly high-speed hand dryer.

•Low noise intelligent air outlet design-the airflow direction.

•Remote adjustment (sensing distance, time and function switching can be adjusted.

Integrated sensor faucet dispenser – 集成式感應水龍頭

• 集成式感應水龍頭及自動皂液器,簡約美觀。
• 洗手及乾手在洗手盆內,避免水花灑到周邊位置。
• 單孔安裝,方便快捷。
• 右側感應即出泡沫,左側感應即出水。
• 泡沫式可節約30%以上皂液,而且容易冲洗乾淨,節省皂液的同時省水省時。
• 兩種功能的紅外傳感器獨立,互不干擾。
• 可選缺液提示。

Product Features:

• Elegant integrated inductive faucet and soap dispenser.

• Larger washing space and soft water may reduce the chance of splashing water on the table.

• Single hole installation which is convenient and easy.

• The left side is water, and the right side is foam/liquid.

• The foam type can save more than 30% soap and easy to clean.  It can save both water and time.

• The infrared sensors of the two functions (water and soap) are independent and do not interfere with each other.

• Optional: signal with out of soap

Deck Mounted Sensor Soap – 檯面式感應皂液器

Product Features:

•Foam/liquid optional; fully chrome plated brass body; easy for installation.

•Patented foaming device prevents the tube from emptying.

•The dripper has a suck back function, which is convenient and hygienic.

•The foaming net is easy to disassemble and clean.

•Remote adjustment (sensing distance, time and function switching can be adjusted.






•遙控調節技術 (距離、時間、功能切換)。