ADELOT” Series

LED SOLAR lantern
with TYPE-C charger

2700K~6500K color temperature
+16 million dazzling colors (RGB)
Move with the music

Suitable for indoor, outdoor, camping, festival

Stylish. Durable. Waterproof. Long-lasting battery.

– Our product is stylish and features a durable, waterproof design. It also boasts a long-lasting battery that will keep it running for hours on end.

– You can easily control the brightness of the light using our app, which connects to the device via Bluetooth.

– With a luminosity of 280 lumens, our product is suitable the brightest for your camping, outdoor party, and stay on the table.

– Type-C charging ensures that our product can be charged quickly and efficiently.

– Our product is also patented and available for export, making it unique and your best choice.
  • Bluetooth connection
  • APP control
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • Luminosity: 280 lumens
  • Type-C & Solar panel charging
  • Export products
  • Patented design

Coola SMART LED SOLAR LANTERN – This portable lamp can be charged using solar power or TYPE C charging and can follow changes in light and darkness according to musical rhythms. With a choice of 16 million colors and a color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K, it allows you to create the most suitable lighting experience for any setting, anytime, anywhere. Its eco-friendly, energy-saving, and efficient features provide peace of mind and security when using it.

App Control

📱 Smart Control

Control all functions of the product with a single tap through the dedicated mobile application. Whether it’s adjusting the brightness or switching lighting modes, everything can be done on your smartphone, providing convenience and freedom outdoors.

🔗 Bluetooth/Gateway Compatibility

The product is compatible with both Bluetooth and gateway operations, offering the convenience of smart lighting without the hassle of complex setups. (Gateway accessories need to be purchased separately)

🌈 Colourful Lighting

The product is available in RGB, warm and cool white light, which enables you to adjust colour temperature and colour according to your needs. It can satisfy your requirements, whether you need warm yellow light for illumination of the campsite or to create a lively atmosphere. It adds more fun and excitement to your outdoor activities by changing colours.

🎶 Music Synchronisation

Experience the rhythm of music as the product’s lighting effects can synchronise with the music, creating a unique lighting experience and providing a personalised lighting space.

🔌 Convenient Charging

The product is compatible with various charging methods, including universal Type-C charging and solar charging, allowing you to easily access power even in outdoor environments and providing a true green charging experience.

🛡️ Multiple Protection Levels

The product is designed with three protection levels: IP65, IK10, and C4H. It is dustproof, waterproof, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, ensuring reliable protection in any weather conditions and adapting to various environments.

✨ 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

We offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty to ensure quality assurance and provide you with peace of mind.

With compliance to high standards such as CE, FCC, ROHS, and more, our product guarantees excellent quality and safety, delivering an unparalleled lighting experience for you.