Lighting and luminaire

LED Tube

“Webuild.hk” provides the latest LED tube design that can replace traditional fluorescent tubes with a plug-and-play solution for more energy savings. Compared to traditional tubes, LED tubes have longer lifetimes, lower energy consumption, and brighter luminosity. Additionally, LED tubes produce less heat, making them more environmentally friendly and healthier. Moreover, installation for LED tubes does not require rewiring, which saves installation costs. If you are looking for a reliable and energy-saving lighting solution, consider our LED tube products.”

LED Tube types:

T5 LED Tube with internal Driver

T6 LED Tube with internal Driver

T8 LED Tube with internal Driver

T8 LED Microwave / PIR / VOICE/ DAYLIGHT Sensor Tube

Customize LED Tube

Microwave sensor tube – T8

  • Microwave detects moving objects and automatically doubles the brightness.
  • Sensor detection distance of 6-8 meters.
  • Full lumen in activation mode.
  • Approximate 300 lumen as a standard output on standby mode (Optional)


The Led tube is equipped with an integrated Microwave sensor with motion detection, allowing energy saving of up to 90% compared to conventional fluorescent tubes.

Public Building, Stairs Parking Lot, and all Emergency Entrance

Static Lighting mode:

( 3W / 300 lumen)

unmanned vehicles entering and leaving, lamps are in a micro-light sleep standby power consumption of only 3W.

Between static and dynamic mode: standard leaves after preset 30 seconds of the sensing area.

Dynamic Lighting mode:

( 100%)

The microwave sensor tube can change the brightness through radar microwave induction. It accurately detects moving objects and automatically doubles the brightness of the fluorescent lamp when people or cars enter the sensing range. When people and vehicles leave it automatically goes out or return to dim lighting.