“Avant” & “Adelot” Smart Solar Light by “WEBUILD.HK LIMITED” is Hong Kong distributor.

“Avant” Solar Series with Bluetooth & Apps Control (Design for commercial)

The “Avant” and “Adelot” series of smart solar lights are designed for residential and commercial projects, with different designs to suit each. They can be easily controlled via Bluetooth and an app, making them versatile and convenient. For remote control, a 4G transmitter can be added to enable more scene settings.

These smart solar lights feature lightweight and high-end monocrystalline solar panels, which are seamlessly integrated into the design.

With a high luminous efficiency of over 230LM/W, these lighting products can produce more light at the same power.

The bracket of these lights has excellent heat dissipation performance, effectively dissipating heat and extending the product’s lifespan.

Using high-precision equipment for light splitting, these lights provide stable light output with consistent color temperature.

Overall, the “Avant” and “Adelot” series of smart solar lights offer convenience, high performance, and durability for both residential and commercial applications.

“Adelot” Smart Solar Series with Bluetooth & Apps Control (Design for residential)


APP Control

Our smart lighting system enables group management through a one-click network setup via a gateway and Bluetooth and can be remotely controlled through an app, making it highly convenient and user-friendly. You can easily control the brightness, duration, timing, on/off switch, and dimming functions of the lights, achieving precise lighting control. This not only improves energy efficiency but also brings a more intelligent and enhanced living experience.

“ADELOT” Intelligent Solar 4 SPOTLIGHT (Pedestal-mounted 4RGB) DST-24