Business Smart Lighting System

Our commercial smart lighting system is one of our core competencies, providing clients with the most reliable, energy-efficient, and flexible lighting solutions. Furthermore, we offer customized metal manufacturing services to ensure that our lighting designs meet the specific needs of our clients.

At WEBUILD.HK, we believe that green lighting is not just a product but a new way of life. We are committed to offering sustainable lighting solutions to our clients, reducing environmental impact while enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

Whether you are a business, hotel, school, or government agency, we have the right lighting solutions to ensure optimal lighting for your buildings and facilities. Contact our team to learn how to start collaborating with us.

“The ‘WEBUILD.HK’ team is here to create personalized smart system control solutions for you!”

  1. This luminaire features multiple built-in sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, achieving an energy-saving rate of up to 90%;
  2. The luminaire has a built-in communication module, enabling communication with surrounding luminaires to achieve group linkage;
  3. Users can group and configure luminaires via a remote control without the need for a gateway or application, enabling automation settings
  4. These luminaires boast robust scalability, allowing quick connection to cloud platforms for digital report generation。