ADELOT” Series

Model: DCS-01

Built-in Bluetooth chip, APP intelligent networking
Integrated solar panel with built-in lithium battery
IP65 waterproof, worry-free outdoor application
RGB 16 million kinds of colorful colors
can be adjusted freely by APP
Dynamic effect mode settings, multiple choices of gradient, jump, and theme

Our solar-powered smart light strip and solar panel kit offer RGB color control, which can be controlled through an app and connected to the light strip via Bluetooth.

You can easily adjust the brightness and choose any one or multiple colors from 16 million colors, as well as select various dynamic modes including gradient and jump.

With just one day of solar charging, the light strip can last up to 48 hours, meeting CE standards.

The solar panel is designed for separate installation and can support the connection of additional light strips up to 20 meters. Experience the convenience and energy efficiency of our solar-powered smart light strip today.

2 IN 1 – Integrated solar panel with built-in lithium battery

Enhance festive atmosphere on outdoor

The solar panel can be connected to the smart light strip left and right, and can be connected to 5m/10m/15m/20 total length (optional)