Item no.DST-14 (High-Mounted)
Color format:RGB
Solar Panel Power: 4.32V/9W
​Li-ion Battery Capacities:26650 59.2WH
Charging/Discharging temp:Charge: 0-45℃ , Discharge: -20-60℃
IP/IK Class:IP65, IK10, C4H
Lighting time in Rainy day:> 2-5days
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Connect Method:Blue tooth/Gateway(need additional purchase)
size: 803MM(L) X 135mm(W)
Core Technology:TCS 3.0, ALS 2.5

2 years warranty

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🔦 Lineup with Four Heads

The light fixture boasts a lineup design featuring four heads which allows for a broader and more evenly distributed range of illumination. This ensures that your lighting needs are met by providing coverage wherever and whenever required.

✨ Wire-Free, Solar-Powered ✨

ADELOT lighting fixtures eliminate the need for complex wiring. Installation can be effortlessly done anywhere without the hassle of intricate wire setups. The creation of a personal lighting space is made easy.

🛡️ Multiple Levels of Protection

Equipped with IP65, IK10, and C4H protection ratings, Ensures resistance against dust, water, impact, and corrosion, allowing for reliable protection in various weather conditions and adaptation to different environments.

📐 Adjustable Angle

The light fixture’s heads can be individually adjusted, providing flexibility in altering the direction and coverage of the light. Whether you require focused lighting or wider illumination, this feature caters to your specific lighting requirements.

🌈 RGB Lighting

Experience a wide range of colours, with the product’s RGB lighting mode. It effortlessly adapts to various scene requirements, creating the perfect ambiance.

📱 App Control

Take full control of the lights facilitated by the dedicated app on a smartphone or tablet. Functions such as power control, brightness adjustment, colour selection, and lighting modes can be effortlessly managed. Convenient control of the lighting is at hand, ensure to meeting with different situations by customers

🔗 Bluetooth/Gateway Compatibility

Product ensured the Compatibility with Bluetooth and gateway operations ,providing convenient options for controlling the lighting configuration. Whether Bluetooth connectivity or a gateway system is chosen(Gateway accessories need to be purchased separately), the lighting setup can be easily managed and customised.

✨ 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

We offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty to ensure quality assurance and provide you with peace of mind.

With compliance to high standards such as CE, FCC, ROHS, and more, our product guarantees excellent quality and safety, delivering an unparalleled lighting experience for you.

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TEL: 2397 8568
WhatsApp: 5493 6831


Additional information

Weight 3.35 kg
Dimensions 86.3 × 13.5 × 21 cm


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